About Us

Who We Are

Crossing Cultures was set up in 1999 as a Relocation Management Company and has since broadened its focus towards Intercultural Communication and Consultancy. Our highly experienced consultants and trainers have the knowledge and skills and are multicultural professionals with an international background, language competence and business experience working with global organizations.

Whom We Target

We target multinational organizations with a diverse force, service organizations marketing competencies to international markets, manufacturing firms sourcing, building and contracting in locations worldwide, global leaders and business travellers themselves. Programmes match company and individual requirements.

What We Offer

Intercultural Training & Consultancy

This programme will significantly improve participants’ ability whilst operating in a multicultural context. More specifically, it prepares them to cope with the difficulties and pitfalls inherent in many crosscultural interactions and to communicate at ease with people from other countries and cultures.

Effective Business Presentations

Communicating effectively in international circles means adapting one’s presentation style and structure to an audience’s cultural expectations such as when humour is appreciated or had better be avoided. Acquiring the art of improvisation and gaining platform presence will captivate and influence your listeners and make a message “stick”.

Relocation Consultancy

Our assistance ranges from setting up in-company relocation management facilities to supporting both outgoing and incoming executives on assignment as well as training HR personnel attending them. Our Desktop Services target both individual and group moves with self-help cost-cutting guidance and procedures.

Accent Modification for non-native English Speakers

One-on-one training or small group workshop by trainers with the language competence and years of expertise on this subject. Results are evident after a few sessions. Accentuate to Communicate group workshops and individualized coaching target those with a medium to advanced level of English.