Accent Modification For Non-Native English Speakers

Accent Modification

So you are a non-native English speaker and self-conscious of your accent in spite of endless grammar classes. You don’t seem to be getting your message across when delivering presentation in English. You are anxious to overcome this constant source of frustration. Here is where we come in!

English, unlike many other languages, is a stressed language and pronunciation training goes beyond regular practice requiring a different skill set meaning...

-Language practice should be in stages, identifying how YOU sound and how you SHOULD sound
-Correction of physical movements of the mouth must be taken into consideration
-Becoming aware of the intonation rate and linking procedure is vital

So if you wish your presentations to reflect your level of professional competency it’s time to emphasize words accordingly, vary the melody of your voice and enunciate the sounds as native speakers do. Time and embarrassment can be saved by attending our intensive and interactive workshops. Our group workshops and individualized coaching target those with a medium-advanced level of spoken English.

“Accentuate to Communicate” classes offer a unique opportunity to enhance your confidence in international circles, socially and professionally and to boost your company’s cross-border business relations. Above all, you will learn the intonation that gives English its own special music because. As poet William Butler Yeats stated...

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people”