Effective Business Presentations

Bussines presentations

Effective communication is increasingly viewed as essential to organizational success. From executives to middle management, politicians, salespersons and students are urged to communicate via a multitude of communication channels. None of which present the major challenge as that of standing before an audience.

Studies show that less than 10% of the effectiveness of a presentation is due to the words used by the speaker. This leaves 90% due just to speakers’ delivery skills. Almost all the impact is the result of how someone speaks and applies nonverbal communication. Indeed some presenters tend to ramble on or mumble, others will stare at the screen engaged in visual aids ignoring what their body language may be transmitting consciously or unconsciously.

In other words the real challenge goes beyond preparing a speech because delivery is one of the areas where perfection is not the goal. The real goal is communicating through a correct structure and a message-based logic which listeners can easily capture and ultimately how presenters themselves engage their audiences.

“When all other means of communication fail, try words” ... Unknown