Relocation Training & Consultancy

Relocation Services

The complications involved in moving internationally naturally outweigh those of a domestic move far beyond the mere costs for the employees companies involved. Crossing Cultures Relocation Training & Consultancy aims at simplifying procedures for the HR department by offering personalized self-help programmes designed to cut down the higher costs involved in more traditional hand-holding services.

Our training and consulting services allow participants to choose select individual services they can undertake independently. Other services will be coordinated by a highly-skilled Relocation Coach providing extra local support. Full scale traditional services are also available on demand.

Candidates preparing for an assignment abroad would benefit too from our cultural training sessions that facilitate the process and ease the transition period way after sourcing accommodation, getting the ground paperwork in order and the physical settling-in. In fact, the post-move blues are very much part of the transition period in itself.

We guide and coach relocation service providers, human resources of multinational organizations, those embarking on an international assignment individually and group transfers. Programmes are tailor-made according to client specifications and requirements.

“When we enlarge our view of the world, we deepen the understanding of our own lives”- Yo Yo Ma