Intercultural Training & Consultancy

International Training

Culture is defined as the shared patterns and interactions that are learned through the process of socialization. It distinguishes groups from each other and transcends over generations. Cultural Competency is the ability of individuals and business organizations to respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, classes, races, ethnic backgrounds and religions. It recognizes and affirms their differences and similarities whilst protecting and preserving overall dignity between them.

Crossing Cultures offers an array of training solutions to develop intercultural competence within an organization and at a personal level. Training targets employees and their families going on overseas assignments, repatriating or working side by side in a multicultural and/or virtual environment and across time zones. Intercultural knowledge is also a key success factor for international Human Resources management.

Our services range from multicultural communication and management programmes in the form of presentations, workshops, seminars, consulting services, orientations and skills training on key intercultural issues. Country-specific briefings allow business travellers to become culturally savvy, increase their negotiation potential and become more customer-focussed in accordance with the global market’s fast-growing requisites.

Our fresh approach to the complexities of cultural diversity in the workplace leads to more productivity and clarity because…

Business hierarchy or lack of it goes beyond being sincere and shaking hands with everyone at a meeting